Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla belongs to the famous Agboatwalla Family. The word Agboatwalla actually comes from Ag -boat- Fire Boat or Steam Ship owners. The great Grand father of Dr. Mubina was the famous philanthropist Hajee Cassum Agboatwalla, who owned 99 ships which were steam boats. They were known as Hajee Cassum Ki Bijlee. As the legand goes he could never have the 100 th ship. Every time the 100 th ship was made it drowned. As the famous legand goes, which is the story of the Titanic of Hajee Cassum, a ship carrying the bride, bridegroom and a wedding party was drowned carrying a large number of family members. That joyous occasion unfortunately turned into a tragedy. A famous book in Gujrati Hajee Cassum Nee Vijlee was written on this. He tried 3 times to make the 100 th ship but it always drowned and finally he had always 99 ships. Hajee Cassum was a famous philanthropist. He built several orphanages, hospitals, schools, sanatoriums etc.

Providing for the widows and orphans was an important task. His legacy was taken up by his son Ali Mohammed Agboatwalla, who continued the shipping business as well as the philanthropy. Thus, the famous Agboatwalla Trust was formed which even presently in Bombay looks after hospitals, orphanages etc.

Mr. Cassum Hajee Ali Mohammed father of Dr. Mubina migrated to Pakistan setting up business here. He set up the Aluminium Plastic Industries. Dr. Mubina is the only sister of 3 brothers. Her parents- Cassum Hajee Ali Mohammed and Rabiabanoo Agboatwalla continued the good work. Her aunt Badrushama Agboatwalla also was involved in social work. Dr. Mubina has adopted two cute sons, named Sulaiman Agboatwalla & Kassim Agboatwalla. Sulaiman Agboatwalla is now 8 years of age & Kassim Agboatwalla is now 1 years old.

My two sons are the flowers in my heart and garden”